Box Trolls

Year 3 pupils and their families are taking part in family reading and writing project. The book that was chosen is Here be Monsters by Alan Snow. You will probably know it as The Boxtrolls. The book inspired the recent film that you may have seen at the cinema.
Arthur lives with his adoptive adoptive grandfather, William, in the complex network of tunnels beneath Ratbridge. William went underground after being unjustly accused of a crime.. Arthur emerges at sundown in search of food, aided by a pair of hand-cranked mechanical wings. He also carries a doll that looks just like his  grandfather with his wings—which serves as a walkie-talkie, allowing him to communicate with his grandfather. On one such expedition Arthur witnesses an illegal cheese hunt. He follows the hunters and the captured cheeses back to the Cheese Hall. Arthur's wings are stolen, and he is almost captured, by Archibald Snatcher, the leader of the once-powerful Cheese Guild. Arthur is rescued by Fish, a boxtroll, who takes Arthur to meet his friend, Willbury Nibble, who is the proprietor of a former pet shop called Here Be Monsters. He shares his home with several boxtrolls (Shoe, Egg, and Fish) and a cabbagehead (Titus). Such creatures usually live underground and are collectively termed Underlings. Arthur's new friends intend to use their knowledge of the Underground to help him return to his grandfather, but they quickly discover that all of the entrances to the tunnels have been sealed.
The families have reading schedules to follow and receive resources related to the chapters that they should be reading each week. Pupils who hand their work into Mrs Adams receive prizes.
All the pupils taking part will be visiting the Eco-Bus in January and we are hoping to have our own private showing of The Boxtrolls as the DVD is on sale from January to celebrate the end of the project.
Highfields would also like to say a big thank to The Reel Cinema at Quinton who kindly donated us Boxtroll film related merchandise to use with the pupils.

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