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Year 6 Leavers 2023

To the Class of 2023

Starting school in 2016, full of hope and cheer,

Moving on in ’23, the King’s coronation year.

What a long journey we’ve had together!

Learning, laughing and growing,

But now it’s all change, a new challenge,

It’s off to high school you’re going!

The past few years with the pandemic have sometimes been quite tough,

With staying at home, missing friends and all the online stuff.

Despite it all, you’ve been more resilient than we had ever hoped,

You’ve shown that, “You’ve got this!” so we know how well you’ll cope.

September will bring changes: new faces, new classrooms, a new start,

But have confidence in all you’ve achieved so far – take heart!

Hold on to all the memories; trips and fun lessons we’ve shared,

Remember your friends, your teachers and all school staff who’ve cared.

Recall times table facts, sentence types that you’ve learned in SPaG

Keep in mind your listening skills, you’ve got this in the bag!

But mostly remember how much you are valued – you’re superstars, can’t you see?

We’ll never forget the fabulous Class of 2023!