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Playground Pals

Playground Pals

In Autumn 2022, Highfields launched Playground Pals.  These children assist the adults to help ensure that the playground is a happy, welcoming and enjoyable place to play. Each pal supports the adults who are on playground duty once a week during playtime in either the KS1 or the KS2 playground.  

Some of the responsibilities Playground Pals include supporting children to play nicely together; helping to encourage children to be active and join in sport and games and generally being another leader in the playground, supporting the adults who are on duty in their day-to-day tasks. 

Children in years 5 and 6 applied to become Playground Pals and after some wonderful applications, the children that have been chosen are:

Nememiah 5LB, Jasmine 5LB, Aneesa 5NB, Leo 5NB, Darcie D 5NB, Charlie N 5NB, Ibrahim M 5NB, Isha 5NB, Ellie L 6C, Amber 6C, Cameron R 6C, Hassan N  6C, Charlie B 6C, Inaya   6C, Henry 6C, Imogen 6C, Scarlett 6C, Chloe 6R, Tula 6R, James 6R, Anabia 5LB, Emmie 5LB, Darcy  N 5LB, Isabelle 5LB, Brooke 5LB, Siyanna 5LB, Leah -Rose 5NB, Tristan 5NB, Amelie 5NB, Connor 5NB, Archie 6C, Brooke 6C, Phoebe 6C, Caila-Mae 6C, Broly 6C, Charlie M 6C, Ellie H-L 6R, Charlie 6R, Harrison 6R.